About SLFEA​

Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Agency Pvt. Ltd. (SLFEA) has been established in 1996 as per the directions given by the cabinet of ministers for the cabinet paper submitted by the minister of labor and in accordance with having obtain the BRC under the registrar of companies, The SLFEA functions with foreign principals to secure employment opportunities for the interested and qualified Sri Lankan labor force with the full state intervention.


“A 100% government owned institution, and a subsidiary of Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment, Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Agency was established in 1996. Its main aim is to provide an efficient and appropriate service to those seeking employment abroad, and serve as the primary recruitment agency in the country.”


  •  Expand the foreign employment opportunities for Sri Lankans.
  •  Provide advisory services on manpower industry and enter into agreements with foreign parties for procurement and supply of manpower services to promote and formalize recruitments.
  •  Undertake orientation and training to upgrade skills of employment seekers to satisfy the demand of foreign markets.
  •  Introduce effective administration system to continue smooth implementation of the activities entrusted with the organization.
  •  Maintain a better financial discipline and audit system to ensure transparency.
  • Availability of accurate information – online access to build up contacts with institutional organizations and job markets.